Photographer: Grant Blair                    

First and foremost, Grant is an artist. However, he is not “just an artist”. Grant spent 14 years in the corporate world in various high-level executive positions before leaving that world to start Idlewild Photography. Simply put, Grant understands the unique circumstances that often accompany corporate and commercial projects. This combination of disciplines and experience of seeing projects from both sides of the coin, helps Grant to capture the look and feel of what it is our business clients want to say. Grant’s unique vision is apparent in the passion he holds for his work. Everyone looks at the world through different lenses. Grant strives to see the world through his client’s eyes while adding his own distinctive voice to the mix. Whether it be headshots, product photography, events or images for your website, brochures and annual reports, Grant will help you to find your look. Give us a call to discuss your next project. We look forward to hearing from you.